balnces- duel range, high percision balances


AUW/ AUX / AUY models are the newest single-range analytical balances engineered with the UniBloc technology. This provides fast response and superb stability in a 0.1mg analytical balance. Various application functions, two modes of fully automatic calibration and back lit display support any imaginable requirements.

Span calibration is essential for accurate measurement in precision weighing to adjust for the effects of even small changes in ambient temperature. AUW-D/AUW/AUX models have a built-in motor driven calibration weight to automate this necessary operation. The balance can be set to take care of the calibration itself, leaving the operator to concentrate on measurement work.

Shimadzu began with top-pan and torsion balance production in 1918, and equal-beam analytical balances were introduced in 1925. Since their release, the continuous improvement of Shimadzu balances has contributed to research and development across all industries.

More recently, Shimadzu has introduced user-friendly instruments and features to the market, such as: the temperature-based fully-automatic calibration in 1985, the first one-piece force cell (OPF, later renamed UniBloc) in 1989, the high-sensitivity AEM-5200 Micro Balance in 1993, and the unique Windows® Direct feature perfectly suited for the computerized laboratory of the 21st Century. Moving forward, Shimadzu is committed to providing innovative products for the analytical marketplace.


Analytical Balance chart