balnces- duel range, high percision balances

MOC 120H



Application Balances



Reliable UniBloc weighing mechanism and unique auto-taring function enable very accurate measurements. The continuous auto-taring function eliminates drift and ensures high accuracy, even with a large sample pan.

Large Sample Pan

The large sample pan (130mm dia.) and capacity allows optimum sample surface. A large amount of sample can be placed evenly in a thin layer that results in accurate and fast measurements.

Effective Drying

Mid-wave infrared quartz heater provides effective drying without interference for a wide range of samples. Besides the excellent drying performance, it offers a long operational life of 20,000 to 30,000 hours.


Various measuring modes

Ending modes







Automatic ending mode
Automatically ends measurement when moisture loss over the previous 30 seconds becomes smaller than specified percentage.






Timed ending mode
Automatically ends measurement when the specified amount of time has elapsed.
Three drying modes besides standard drying mode


Rapid drying mode

First dries with the highest temperature for the specified period, then shifts to the specified temperature, thus shortening measurement time.






Slow drying mode

Mildly heats samples that may solidify in the surface or samples that reduce under high temperature.





Step drying mode

Allows changing drying conditions step by step. This feature is useful when measuring samples that contain a large amount of water (up to 5 steps).


Predictive measuring mode

With preparatory measurements of the sample, the final result is predicted from the drying process. As a result, it saves a fair amount of time during repeated measurements.







Digital Control
Digital control allows a selection of measurement modes. 10 sets of measurment setting can be stored for quick recall.


Weight loss rate in the previous thirty seconds is monitored and visually presented in the bar graph display.


Shimadzu’s unique WindowsDirect function is standard on this model. Data that is measured can be sent to an application such as Microsoft Excel® without any additional software installation to the computer. All you need is an RS232c cable.