For elemental analysis of inorganic samples the ICP-OES is the instrumentation most widely used in labs today.


Puzzled by Which ICP-OES is right for you? No Need to be! Leeman labs offers the widest configuration of ICP spectrometers to fit any applications!

In 30 years of supplying ICP Spectrometers, we’ve learned no one ICP-OES is ideal for all applications. That’s why Teledyne Leeman Labs offers you the broadest range of ICP Spectrometers available. Let us help you select the best instrument configuration for your sample types.

All our ICP Spectrometers are available in RadialAxial or Dual View Configurations, so you can choose the view that’s best for your sample matrix.


Prodigy ICP

Prodigy 7 ICP

Teledyne Leeman Labs has taken a radically different approach with the Prodigy7. Through years of effort, our team of highly specialized engineers and application chemists have produced an Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES) instrument in which superior analytical performance does not have to be traded off for any reason including price. And while the Prodigy7 offers all of the advanced capabilities some laboratories require none of them have to be purchased up front if not needed. They can be easily added later if needs change.

The Prodigy7 is the synthesis of advanced technology and user simplicity. The summation of years of refinement, the Prodigy7 has distinct advantages over other ICPs:

  • Large format, advanced CMOS Array Detector for true simultaneous measurement
  • Full wavelength coverage from 135 nm – 1100 nm (with Halogen Detector option)
  • 500 mm, Low Stray Light Optics
  • Full Spectral Access (FSA) captures the entire wavelength spectrum in a single reading
  • Available in Axial, Radial, and Dual-View configurations
  • Twist-n-Lock, Auto-Aligning Sample Introduction System
  • Compact benchtop design
  • Designed for fast system startup and reduced gas consumption

For more information on applications, capabilities, configuration and models you can visit the Teledyne Leeman lab site at: http://www.teledyneleemanlabs.com/products/icp-oes/prodigy7




Prodigy Plus brings together the latest in solid-state detector technology and Leeman Labs’ advanced high dispersion Echelle spectrometer to provide the most powerful ICP available today. Not only does Prodigy Plus provide superb resolution, stability and detection limits for reliable results, it also provides a wide variety of optional features that are guaranteed to enhance the capabilities of your organic analysis lab.

All the capability you will ever need in an ICP. From the most basic application to the most complex research task, Prodigy Plus delivers results.

Applications and Industries

ICP-OES is used for a wide range of applications in the following industries:

  • Environmental
  • Oil Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • BioFuels


  • Large format, CMOS based, Advanced Solid State Array Detector
  • Full Frame Imaging captures entire ICP Spectrum at once
  • Full wavelength coverage; 165 – 1100 nm (135 – 1100 nm with Halogen)
  • 800 mm, Low Stray Light Optics
  • Axial, Radial and Dual View
  • Application Specific Sample Introduction Systems
  • Twist-n-Lock Sample Introduction
  • Built-in Scheduled Maintenance Monitor

For more information on applications, capabilities, configuration and models you can visit the Teledyne Leeman lab site at:  http://www.teledyneleemanlabs.com/products/icp-oes/prodigyplus


Special Application Models

Teledyne Leeman Labs manufacture instruments for specific applications such as:

High Throughput ICP
A High Sample Throughput series of ICP-OES instruments. HT versions are capable of analyzing in excess of 2 samples per minute. Ideal for High Throughput labs such as wear metal and agricultural material labs.

Glovebox and Containment Hood ICP-OES

Teledyne Leeman Labs offers a variety of containment options for our Prodigy and Profile ICP products.

Transportable ICP
The Prodigy-Mobile Lab is built to travel to where you need real time analysis; over land or over sea.

Oil Analyzers
Dedicated Oil Analyzers for wear metals and edible oils applications.

For more information on applications, capabilities, configuration & models you can visit the Teledyne Leeman lab site:

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