Emission spectrometry provides rapid and accurate simultaneous determination of many elements in metals. This technique has been adopted as standard method for metal analysis in the primary metal manufacturing, foundry industry and quality control departments. 

Bruker Optical Emission Spectrometry

BrukerOptical emission spectrometers (OES) and the measuring principal of the atomic emission is the ideal method and provide the perfect instrumentation for metal analysis in all different industrial businesses and environments.

Metal producing industries like foundries, steel- copper-, aluminium plants, and all kinds of fabricators in the automotive, aviation, and home appliance industry, as well as inspection companies, contract laboratories and metal recyclers use optical emission spectrometers for process and quality control.

The optical emission spectroscopy is very well accepted due to its easy-to-use instrumentation. No matter if stationary, portable or mobile, these analyzers assure accuracy and highest precisions in all environments and for all tasks. Even in research and development laboratories they are convincing with their analytical performances.

Optical emission spectrometers cover the analysis of the chemical elements at the complete range from sub-ppm to percentage levels from pure metals trace analysis to high alloyed grades. All relevant elements can directly be analyzed simultaneously. The speed and the ease-of-use of this equipment make it so versatile and very well accepted and beneficial for operators. The robustness of the metal spectrometer allows the operation in all relevant situations for material inspection, alloy identification, and quality control.

High-quality spark spectrometers enable metal analysis for all metal industry process stages, from metal production through processing and recycling. Quality is guaranteed no matter what challenge or analytical task.

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The Q2 ION is one of the smallest and lightest ultra-compact spark emission spectrometer for metal analysis available. It can easily be brought to a nearby site for analysis. Despite its low weight, it is suitable for applications in rugged environment.

Q2 ION – Ultra-Compact Metal Analyzer


Q4 TASMAN is an advanced CCD based optical emission spectrometer for the metal analysis. The newly developed readout scans CCD´s 30 times faster than previously and lead to shorter measurement times.

Q4 TASMAN – Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis


Q8 MAGELLAN is a spark emission spectrometer setting new standards with respect to technology, reliability, flexibility, and handling. It is the first spectrometer worldwide that offers a previously unseen quality of analysis because of its unlimited combination possibilities of measurement parameters.

Q8 MAGELLAN – Spectrometer for Metal Analysis


Fully Automated Metals Analyzer

The Q8 MAGELLAN is available for integration in customer specific automation projects to form a fully automatic analysis system tailored to the individual needs of process analysis of steels, cast iron, aluminum and copper.

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All Bruker optical emission spectrometers can be operated with Elemental Suite OES. Designed for maximum usability, Elemental Suite OES´s plug-in-based architecture provides maximum flexibility for your analytical requirements.

OES Software

The Shimadzu PDA-8000 is a performance optical emission spectrometer.  The Shimadzu OES line utilizes many advance features that include PDA (Pulse Distribution Analysis), TRS (Time Resolved Spectroscopy) and Multi-Condition Spark Cycle as standard.  These features enhance the accuracy and reliability of analysis while reducing the analysis time. 

The Shimadzu OES lines combine these advance features with excellent hardware quality making them suitable for any application in metal analysis.

The applications include quantitative determination of trace and major elements in ingots and alloys of iron, aluminum, copper, lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, zinc, cobalt etc. 

The PDA-8000 is configured with a ferrous range of 120-586 nm to optimize resolution and the non-ferrous range of 120 – 689 nm for extended trace element capability.

As well as bulk determinations materials the Shimadzu OES line has a range of options available for special applications such as thin film analysis, wire and rods, Low N determination, small samples, oxide analysis, etc. 

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