Hardness Tester


Shimadzu’s range of hardness testers – including conventional JIS-compatible models and models utilizing new principles of operation – can evaluate the hardness (strength) of all materials from steel through to new materials and from micro parts through to large products.

The Shimadzu Mooney Viscometer features excellent performance of the Mooney viscosity test with high efficiency ensured by controlling system.



Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

Standardized automatic length measurement function using a CCD camera built in a novel G frame (G21 series)
Easy-to-use software (G21 series)
Capable of automatically recognizing the total image of the sample and the sample edges (FA type)

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Dynamic Ultra Micro Hardness Tester

 New material strength testing systems for materials in the micro field that cannot be handled by regular testers.

A new evaluation system for measuring the material strength of micro regions, such as semiconductors, LSI, ceramics, hard disks, vapor deposited films, and thin coating layers, not addressed by previous hardness testers. It can also be used to evaluate the hardness of plastics and rubbers.

Powerful Tools for Surface Strength Evaluations on Every Type of Material

This instrument uniquely measures dynamic indentation depth, not the indentation after the test. This in turn permits measurement of very thin films and surface (treatment) layers that are impossible to measure with conventional methods. Additionally, this same method supplies the data needed to calculate elastic modulus on the test specimens.

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Micro Compression Tester

Evaluates Compression Strength of Various of Micro Specimens.
The Shimadzu micro compression testers MCT Series evaluate the strength of micro components, micro particles generated in powder processing and fine fibers used in new materials.

Types of Testable Materials: Ceramic particle, Fine metallic powder, Resin particles, Pigments, Food source powders,     Pharmaceuticals (micro-capsules), Fine fibers

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Constant Test Force Extrusion Type Capillary Rheometer Flowtester

Evaluation of Fluidity and Thermal Properties

The CFT-EX series is ideal for research and development, production process and quality control of thermoplastic resins, thermosetting resins, toners, composites, rubbers, and other flowable materials.

  • Efficient testing with a reliable evaluation method
  • Natural, easy test flow
  • Supported by more than 50 years of technology and know-how

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Automatic Mooney Viscometer

Easy to Use Interface
The easy-to-use, built-in LCD touch-panel provides excellent stand-alone functionality.

Superior Temperature Recovery Characteristics
Stress Relaxation Measurements
Variable Rotor Speed
Easy Cleaning
Convenient Analysis Functions
Dual Calibration Functions
Simple Windbreak Functions
Printing and Data Output Features as Standard
Warm-up Function

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