XRF Fusion


Navas Instruments AFS-5000-6, Automatic Fusion & LOI System For XRF Spectrometry, Specifically designed for large throughput, productivity and affordability

AFS-5000 Series

Simultaneous Multiple Sample Preparation And LOI Analyzer For XRF Spectrometry used in mining, cement analysis and other applications (Patent Pending)

The Automatic AFS-5000-6 allows analysis of loss on ignition and preparation of beads of multiple samples simultaneously for XRF spectrometers


  • Electric furnace, NO danger of explosion, No gas
  • Analyzes loss on ignition and provides beads in the same instrument, simultaneously
  • Simple, Reliable, MODULAR, Robust construction
  • Bench type instrument with high throughput at a reasonable price
  • No pouring, only moldables used
  • Automation, requires little operator involvement
  • Minimal moldable cleaning needed, only after 20 – 30 uses, not required after each use
  • Easy to use software in Windows
  • Up to 8 samples simultaneously


Link to Navas fusion instruments: http://navas-instruments.com/multi_sample_xrf_fluxers_for_cement_and_ores.htm