spark emission

Emission spectrometry provides rapid and accurate simultaneous determination of many elements in metals. This technique has been adopted as standard method for metal analysis in the primary metal manufacturing, foundry industry and quality control departments.


The Shimadzu PDA-8000 is a performance optical emission spectrometer. The Shimadzu OES line utilizes many advanced features that include PDA (Pulse Distribution Analysis), TRS (Time Resolved Spectroscopy) and Multi-Condition Spark Cycle as standard. These features enhance the accuracy and reliability of analysis while reducing the analysis time.

The Shimadzu OES lines combine these advance features with excellent hardware quality making them suitable for any application in metal analysis.

The applications include quantitative determination of trace and major elements in ingots and alloys of iron, aluminum, copper, lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, zinc, cobalt etc.

The PDA-8000 is configured with a ferrous range of 120-586 nm to optimize resolution and the non-ferrous range of 120 – 689 nm for extended trace element capability.

As well as bulk determinations materials the Shimadzu OES line has a range of options available for special applications such as thin film analysis, wire and rods, Low N determination, small samples, oxide analysis, etc. Contact Canalytical for more information.